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Stockhouse @ the Bell: Industrial Market the TSX MVP

Stockhouse @ the Bell: Industrial Market the TSX MVPposted August 31, 2021 05:07 pm by Stockhouse EditorialOn the final day of...

Stockhouse Editorial - 9 hours ago

RE:RE:RE:Was increase actually 132%?

I emailed them last night and Rob Gamle, VP replied, so we will see if they correct it...

LTE is a true gem!

LTE has a marketcap of 10mio, while having a sales pipeline of 25mio+ and already proftiable operations, marketcap should be around 70mio...

RE:RE:Was increase actually 132%?

Rofl can someone please mail them so zhey can correct the nr pre-market?! Lol

RE:Was increase actually 132%?

It looks like they divided the revenue increase by the 2021 revenues instead of the 2020 should be $921,898 / $699,896...

Was increase actually 132%?

Based on Q3 2021 revenue of $1,621,794 versus $699,896 for Q3 appears the Q3 YOY increase was...

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