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Founded in 2011, County 10 was born out of a need to connect our community. Fremont County, WY is as big as the state of Rhode Island and about as diverse a little population as it gets. We craved the ability to learn about each other and share our stories. Out of this need was born the first “Community News Stream.”

The parent company at the time, Pitchengine, went on to launch other Community News Streams across Wyoming, but County 10 was always where it started. The County 10 brand represents a lot of things. Its local news. Its local lifestyle. Local faces and places. Its National and State news that impacts our day to day. Its “whats happening.” Its our community. Its Fremont Countys Community News Stream.

Wait, what? Arent you just a news website? Cant you just say that?

Nope. We cant. Were not just a news website. We dont do traditional news, even if we fill a traditional need to know whats happening around our local community. We dont do opinions. We dont do investigative news. We dont do much long-form content at all. We dont do bylines.

Over 153,000 readers view more than 1.2 million pages on County 10 every month for raw news and information about whats going locally. We follow up on the things our community cares about. We dont tell you what the news is, our readers tell us. Sometimes that means a paragraph, sometimes just a picture, and sometimes its a lot more. Regardless of what form our content takes, the goal is to let YOU decide whats important. County 10 strives to provide a connection between the diverse population that makes up Fremont County, but we dont drive the news. You do. We just get the word out. We are your Community News Stream.


County 10’s mission has always been to connect the community. Now we’re taking it to the next level with Fremont County’s first coworking space.

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