• For U.S. pricing, BNN Bloomberg uses the front-month futures contract price for a troy ounce of gold on the COMEX division of the New York Mercantile Exchange. The price is a benchmark for investors, according to NYMEX.
  • For Canadian pricing, BNN Bloomberg converts the spot price of gold into Canadian dollars

Latest Gold Headlines

  • Gold edged higher after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said tapering may be appropriate this year, easing concern that policy makers will soon scale back asset-purchases.

  • Dominic Schnider, head of commodities and Asia Pacific foreign exchange at UBS Global Wealth Management CIO Office, discusses the outlook for the dollar and Asian currencies. He also talks about the prospects for commodities including oil. gold and silver. He speaks with Yvonne Man and David Ingles on Bloomberg Markets: Asia. (Source: Bloomberg)

  • Brent to Average $73 Over 2H 2021, INGs Patterson Says

    Warren Patterson, strategist at ING Group, discusses the prospects for commodities including oil, coffee and aluminum. Oil declined -- trimming a modest weekly gain -- as the fast-spreading delta virus variant continued to cloud the demand outlook. Patterson speaks with David Ingles and Yvonne Man on Bloomberg Markets: Asia. (Source: Bloomberg)

  • Vivek Dhar, analyst at Commonwealth Bank of Australia, talks about the $550 billion infrastructure plan the Senate passed, and its implications for commodities demand. He also discusses the outlook for iron ore and gold with Haidi Stroud-Watts and Shery Ahn on Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia. (Source: Bloomberg)

  • Would not be a buyer of gold on pullback: Trader

    Ira Epstein, director of Ira Epstein Division of Linn and Associates, joins BNN Bloomberg for his outlook on the flash crash in gold. Epstein thinks inflation is transitory which is not a supportive environment for the asset class moving forward.

For our Gold stocks to watch, we display only stocks from the S&P/TSX Global Gold Index.

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