Online share trading in nepal is certainly the hottest topic right now. With the ability to fill asba application form , online trading of share has really been easy these days.
Everything is becoming digital these days, now you don’t have to queue in line from hours to invest in share market. Nowadays most of the people are getting interested in Nepal Share Market, as people are making good passive income from share. Now CDN and Clearing Limited have launched Centralized Application Supported by Blocked Amount (C-ABSA) so investors will be able to buy primary and right shares online. C-ASBA has also become mandatory to implement for all Initial Public Offering (IPO), Follow-up Public Offer (FPO), Rights and Bonus share application. Apart from applying, you can also check and review the IPO results in your Mero Share account.

Here you can follow the step by step guide on how to apply for share online and online share trading in nepal.

Step 1: Create a bank account.

Nowadays everyone has their bank account, you can use any of your bank account which you are using currently, or you can create new bank account as of your wish.Its the first step you have to follow for online share trading in nepal. But there are few banks from which you can directly apply for shares from their internet banking (e-Banking).

Banks with Online ASBA:

1. Nepal SBI Bank (ASBA)

2. Global IME Bank (ASBA Internet Banking)

3. Nepal Investment Bank LTD (NIBL ASBA Online Form)

4. NIC Asia (ASBA iTouch Banking)

Step 2: Create a DEMAT account.

DEMAT account is a digital form of storing the company shares that you own in dematerializes form. Previously we used to have the physical share certificates but now it is stored in DEMAT account. It is also used for share transactions such as buy and sell stock in the primary and secondary markets.

To create a DEMAT account, you can visit any nearest banks but keep in mind the list of banks from which you can apply for shares from their e-Banking services directly, if you want to apply from internet banking itself, otherwise you can create DEMAT account from any bank, brokers or capital markets that have authority to give that service. The quick way is to create from a bank where you own an account.

You need to fill up a form and need to attach photocopy of citizenship and a passport size photograph.  You also need to fill bank account number and family details. Normally it will take 2-3 days for them to set it up. You will receive a share checkbook from which you can sell shares.

Step 3: Fill C-ASBA Application Form for CRN.

C-ASBA Registration Form

CRN which stands for C-ASBA Registration Number. You need to fill the C-ASBA Registration form from where you have created DEMAT account and submit the form. You can find the form online or in the bank itself. To fill up the form you need your bank account details, DEMAT account details and personal details.

It takes few days to process your form, once the details are verified the bank will advise you with your CRN. As it has already mentioned, some bank listed above offers users with e-banking to get CRN online from their bank portal. You can also confirm this with your bank.

Online C-ASBA Registration Procedure for NIBL

Step 4: Fill up the “Mero Share” form to get user password.

Mero Share application form.

After you got your CRN, you can fill up a “Mero Share” form to get login id and password of mero share account. After filling a form with your email id and mobile number. It will take 4 days to a week to get an account, you will get your DPID, login id and password in you email.


Step 5: Apply for IPO/FPO using “Mero Share”.


Once you get password of “Mero Share”, go to Mero Share Web Portal. Select your DP and enter your Login ID as well as Password, then you will be redirected to a mero share dashboard. Now you can you use every feature of mero share from menus on your left. Click on “MY ASBA” then click on “Current Issue” then you will get all the list of Issued Company, now you can apply for IPO, FPO, right share as well as bonus share from online. You can also see your application status and the allotment result if you have applied before.


You will get 4 digit confirmation code on your email. After getting the confirmation code, type the code and confirm the application. You should have the required balance in your respected account. Then, you will get a message dialog of “Application sent successfully!”


FINALLY, you don’t have to queue in line to fill up form for several hours. Now, you can spend those precious hours analyzing the stock market to invest an get some passive income.Hopefully this article has made lots of things clear to you regarding online share trading in nepal . Please do not forgot to hit comment if you have anything to say. Thank you.

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