Source: Rareearthoxides by Peggy Greb

Rare earth oxides ready for processing

Rare earth metals actually aren’t all that rare, which is good because they play active roles in the global economy. Some of the most popular tech products that include rare earth elements are flat screen TVs, smartphones and hybrid cars as well as wind turbines and military equipment.
Even though rare earth metal deposits are plentiful Canada, Australia, Russia and China, the process of extracting and refining them is time-consuming and extremely expensive. Rare earth stocks do not trade like other precious metals and few ETFs hold them. So, the most effective way to buy into rare earth stocks is directly through the miners. Rare earth stocks have massive growth potential but are also extremely risky, especially given China’s piece of the pie. Therefore, investors should exhibit caution when considering rare earth stocks.

Delisting of Chinese Firms Is Latest Volley in Economic “Cold War”

U.S. reliance on China for rare earth metals is a gaping hole in our national security. The efforts to shore up this key vulnerability suggests there are big gains coming.

The Opportunity in Rare Earth Metals Is the Silver Lining to Chinese Espionage

Reliance on China for rare earth metals is a gaping hole in our national security. The U.S. will be spending billions of dollars in attempt to fix this. Those that see what is happening and position themselves accordingly stand to benefit.

The Importance of Rare-Earth Elements Mining in America

The United States needs rare-earth metals to stay on the right side of the “Technochasm” against China. And American politicians from both sides of the aisle are actively working behind the scenes to restore America’s rare-earth element industry.

Will the Molycorp Bankruptcy Kill Speculation in Rare Earths? (MCP)

The Molycorp (MCP) bankruptcy leaves investors with almost no way to play rare earths on a major exchange. Good riddance.

The Rare Earth Metal Meltdown in Molycorp

Molycorps plunge since 2011 has resembled something youd see at an amusement park, but theres nothing fun about the fate that has befallen this rare earth stock.

Stocks at New Highs, New Lows for 11/13

Get the scoop on todays big moves. See which stock hit a new 52-week high, and one that found a new 52-week low.

China Slashes Mining Permits for Rare Earths

China has cut the number of permits for rare earth mining by 40% after prices for the elements tumbled in recent months.

Markets and Economy Move Ahead: Wednesday’s IP Market Recap

A revised GDP report combined with another piece of good news on the housing front help markets advance on Wednesday despite low volume.

The Many Lessons of Molycorp

This rags-to-riches-to-rags saga has plenty for investors to ponder, about secondary offerings, falling for hype and whats next for Molycorp.

Gold Got You Down? Here Are 5 Hard Asset Alternatives

With gold essentially trading sideways for months, nows a good time to explore the possibilities offered by other metal investments.

Rare Earth Investors: China Decides When You Get to Eat

China holds the reins, but a couple of developments could mean good things for rare earth stockholders.

Mining the Rose Garden for Rare Earth Stocks

Politics and a Chinese boogeyman could help spark the stocks of these three non-Chinese rare earth miners.

Before Casting off Those Rare Earth Stocks …

China reportedly is considering doubling their rare-earth exports, but that doesnt mean non-Chinese producers are going to die off.

Profit from China’s Rare Earth Monopoly

Either Beijing will ease its grip or other producers will step up. Whatever happens, heres where you want to be to ride the change.

Is It Safe to Mine in Rare Earth Stocks?

Even the term rare earth has a certain sex appeal, but investment in the sector is far from alluring. Theres few big players, and demand isnt a given.

Rare Earth Stocks — An Uncommonly Good Buy?

Rare earths are the key to a high-tech future, and their miners stocks have enormous upside -- but one variable also makes them an enormous risk. Is it a risk worth taking?

5 Hot ETFs for 5 Sizzling Sectors

If current trends continue, youll be glad you have money invested in the following funds pegged to the hottest market sectors.

Tenet, Community Spat Spurs Option Volume

Options trading moderate as CBOE Volatility Index (CBOE: VIX) drops, Tenet Healthcare (NYSE: THC) sues Community Health (NYSE: CYH).

Citi Dominates Options Trading

Options trading slow but Citigroup (NYSE: C) easily dominates equity option trading.

Metals and Coal the Sectors to Watch

Investors are turning to metal and coal sectors stocks like Freeport-McMoRan (NYSE: FCX), Molycorp (NYSE: MCP), and Peabody Energy (NYSE: BTU).