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Shirley Gets A Fucking From Steve

Mandy thinks that her co-worker Shirley needs a good fuck and she knows who can give it to her.

Things had been going well in the three weeks since Gaby Harrington, Mandy Batchelor and Steve Prentice had had their first threesome. They had had one more threesome but there had also been a lot of one-to-one sex with Steve fucking both of the mature women on separate occasions and the two women, again, having lesbian sex. Mandy was a barmaid in a local hotel and when she did evenings,...Read On

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Watching Her Tutor

Spying on my Girlfriend Tutor 3 Athletes through Her Webcam

As many of you know if youve read my stories before, I love to watch my girlfriend get fucked but she never knows that Im aware. Shes not on board with me watching in the room, so I always have to find a way to make it happen. Every time she gets fucked behind my back, it just happens to be by huge cocks that make her squirt everywhere; I love it but it makes me so jealous because I...Read On

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A Homecoming. Chapter 16.

About love and lust, finally sisterly shared!

On his way down for dinner, Ben met Gerd in the entrance hall. Gerd, in an overcoat and car keys in his hand, was going out. Although he seemed in a grim mood, he stopped to exchange a few sentences with Ben, shook his hand, wished him Good Luck, and bade him Goodbye. Christine was watching them from behind the glass. Once Gerd had gone, she gave Ben a wave to come into the office. ...Read On

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The Little Brother Alternative

After being frustrated by his girlfriend, Bryce Callahan seeks satisfaction from her little brother.

Sophia moaned underneath him, her pussy grinding against his hard cock. Bryce Callahan wanted more though, always more. His finger traced a line from the cleft of her crotch around her hips and came to rest against the rosebud of her asshole. He pushed, applying pressure to the tight entrance while his body never ceased its rhythmic movements into and out of her twenty-one-year-old...Read On

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Office Lovers

Office lovers rendezvous at a hotel.

It’s three on Friday afternoon, and I am losing my mind with boredom at work. I’m ready for the weekend and my favorite Friday treat. For the past two weeks, I’ve had a standing date at the Hilton DoubleTree hotel with my new lover. I’m lucky to have a friend to cover for me. I tell my parents I’m at her place, and they don’t ask any questions.  Unfortunately, I can’t stay with him all...Read On

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My Gorgeous Indian Coworker

Coworkers became passionate sex partners.

I am Amit, originally from India, and living in the US for more than a decade. This story took place when I lived in Chicago and I was working as an IT contractor for a local company. Being in IT, I always come across many fellow Indian coworkers. I mostly keep my relationship professional with all of my coworkers, but sometimes it is difficult to resist some temptations, and exceptions...Read On

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Chapter 1 Sarah

Series: Cheating

A wife gets turned on by her cheating husband.

My phone is going off and when I look, it’s my husband texting me. He doesn’t even bother to call. He says he is going to be home late from work again. I just finished putting dinner on the table. I sit there and eat alone, having a glass of dark red wine. I know he’s fucking someone now. I take off my pants and start fingering my pussy as I finish eating alone. That bastard. It is a couple...Read On

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Covered in Five Loads of Cum

Afternoon at the beach in my pink speedo ends with me covered in cum after blowing four guys.

My beach session yesterday turned out better than I had expected. It all started with me writing on my blog about working on my speedo tan in the dunes a few weeks ago. I was just packing up to leave that day, and a couple (guy and girl) walked around the corner and we all surprised each other.  I wondered what they were doing sneaking around the dunes.  The three of us all just said hi...Read On

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Its A Family Affair

Series: An Extraordinary Evening.

Oh The Shame... The Shame!

It wasnt unusual to receive a phone call from Rebecca at eleven oclock in the evening. Since her recent divorce, she often called for a chat with my wife Linda.  Hey, gorgeous! I answered the call on the landline. Rebecca, aka Becky, aka Bex is a special friend.  She has known of my crossdressing for over twenty years, during which time she has been a major contributor to my...Read On

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A first encounter leads to a second many years later

At seventeen we should not have been in the bar, but Dave had managed to get us past the bouncer and inside. The dim lighting and loud, throbbing music were as exciting as having our first drinks in a club. Dave was my buddy, already nineteen and a regular at the bar. We hung out regularly before he finished high school, less now that he was in University and working part-time. His...Read On

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Coming Quietly

Detective Phillips got more than he bargained for when he went to arrest a suspect

I was a little bit on edge as I entered the block of flats.  I had done my intelligence checks which showed my suspect lived alone but there was always the prospect of her having company.  I knew she had recently split from a violent boyfriend, and I did not relish the prospect of finding him there. Normally I would have been doing this enquiry with my work partner, Diana.   However, she...Read On

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Cocklust Ch. 21

Series: Cocklust

Scott gauges who has seen him naked.

When I logged on to my computer, I found my naked pictures were gone—at least from where Johan had posted them.  In fact, as far as I could tell, Johan’s alias had disappeared from the site.  My DMCA complaint seemed to have worked: Johan must’ve gotten suspended if not completely banned. I felt a hint of relief, but I knew it was too soon to let down my guard.  I was dying for Chad to...Read On

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Dating Curtis

My first date with Curtis ends with hot sex in the back seat of his pickup truck.

As a single, independent woman in my early forties, sex plays an important role in my life. Maybe it’s my hormones; I’m always feeling horny. Not a day goes by without masturbating at least once, or twice, and sometimes more. I have vibrators and dildos of different sizes, shapes, and colors. But nothing, and I mean nothing, takes the place of a real cock attached to a sexy man who knows how...Read On

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My Wild Weekend: Part One: Krystal Interruptus

Series: My wild Weekend

My weekend begins with me interrupting sex with two different couples, including my mother

It seemed to be my weekend for interrupting people in the throes of passion. I sat alone in the cab of the truck and fingered myself closer and closer to orgasm. One hand was down my shorts strumming my clit, the other alternated between groping my own breasts and then snaking up the loose leg of my shorts to caress my soaked labia. I imagined that I looked comical because I was wearing...Read On

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Kay and Alien Sex

Kay has more alien sex

After going to the alien spa for a month or so and finding it very hard to get in due to its popularity, I also noticed that the more we went the more we were craving sex with the alien and less about having sex with each other. It was like they were reprogramming us to only want sex with them and not each other. The spa was so popular that they doubled the size of the building. They also...Read On

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Confessions of a West Palm Slut - Daylight Fading (Chapter 10)

A woman moves to Florida and finds her way

I had talked to Sonia who gave me the lead for the job being a nanny.  I had interviewed with the woman of the house, Mary Anne, who was a housewife.  Mary Anne was married to Chris who was typically either traveling throughout the United States or locked away in his home office doing some sort of hedge fund or stock market work.  Mary Anne spent most of her time exercising or at the...Read On

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Jack Meets With HR

Jack is caught viewing porn on his work computer and takes advantage of a new service offered by HR

He’d been at the company for two years but his six-monthly reviews were carried out by his line manager, Lucy Bishop. Today though, he had been called to an HR meeting with the HR manager, Sarah Lawson. Jack was thirty-one-years-old and a well thought of highflyer in the company. His sales record was superb and he was quite often seen as the go to person when more junior staff needed help....Read On

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I Swear They Cum So Hard--Part 2

Veronique finally gets her chance to cum like man.

I spent a week helping a manufacturing company cut their machine changeover time from 127 minutes down to 7 minutes. Not a bad improvement considering I spent most of that time trying not to think about the cute young woman I met at the airport. She was a barber. Her name was Veronique, Vera for short. Before I left, I gave her some advice on how to get her boyfriend, Ian, and Ians “sort of...Read On

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The Vampire At No. 35

The rhythmic thump, thump, thump of the headboard matched the pounding of my headache. Grabbing the sides of the pillow and covering my ears, I was praying for a reprieve from the creaking bedsprings and sexual groans above me. Moan, moan, thump, thump, thump, grunt, grunt, moan, thump. The coital sounds of the male and female rutting together had been going on for hours now. Part of...Read On

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Ethans Awaking

Ethan gives in to the allured of his twin sisters clothes.

Ethan had been watching his twin sister with envy for many years now. Not so much her, but her clothes. The jealousy was driven by what Ethan was coming to recognize as his over-developed fashion sense. He loathed the lack of style in boy’s wear available to him. He looked down and sneered at the white briefs he wore.  He looked over at the open bathroom door.  He could see right through it...Read On

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The Thrill

I never knew.

There are things that you never know about yourself until they happen. There are corners of our mind that are out of sight to us.  Sometimes things happen and they open whole new worlds to you.  My wife, Carol, and I, Dick, had a wild and fulfilling sex life.  We did everything we could think off and more.  Carol is a stunning brunette with long thick hair, firm tits, tight ass and the...Read On

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The Morning After

Hope shows Sir her appreciation.

Hope woke, finding herself still in Sirs arms. Last night had opened a new world for her. She had never felt this content in all her life. Sir had taken his ownership of her, which she had freely given. She realized now that he had exorcised all her old demons last night. Hope knew that she should thank him for all the feelings she was experiencing. Suddenly, she realized just what she...Read On

Added: 30 Aug 2021 | Category: Straight Sex | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 3,899 | Tags: thankfulness  oral  straight sex  anal  exhibitionism   | 4 Comments

The Night Of The Threesome

Gaby, Mandy and Steve get together for a night of sex

Gaby Harrington had returned from her few days away and checked in with her friend, Mandy Batchelor, about how Mandy and Steves meeting went. Steve Prentice was a twenty-five-year-old newly acquired lover of Gabys, but with Gaby being aware that Mandy and Steve had formed an on-sight attraction to each other, Gaby had suggested that they get together in her absence. The suggestion was...Read On

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Another Roommate Love Story - Part 1

Im glad I slept on the couch.

I think its only natural to wonder if youll ever have relations with your roommate, especially one of the opposite sex. I just never thought it would happen to me. It was an average, even boring night. I made myself comfortable on the couch and watched some of my favorite movies to keep my mind off of the emptiness in my life at the moment. Im not in school, Im working from home and...Read On

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After School Special

Mrs. Waltz wanted to eat something and juicy. I couldnt agree more.

I want to eat something sweet and juicy to fill me up. How about you Dorion? ... Dorion, Mrs. Waltz asked. I shook my head and snapped back to reality. Yeah, Im hungry too, I replied.  I had been staring at the breasts of a woman old enough to be my grandmother, Mrs. Waltz. Your mother wants to know what you want from the Mexican restaurant, she continued. Just tell her Ill have...Read On

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Adventures In Victorian London

What else can a Lord and Lady do on a cold rainy night in Victorian London.

It was October 1888, and on this particular night, London was drearily cold and foggy, it was most definitely not a night to be outside but rather, at home in front of a good well-built fire. Lord and Lady Forbes had decided to do exactly that; stay in and sit in front of the fire, rather than face the bitter winds and rain that they could hear slamming against their window panes. Lord...Read On

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The Summit - Part II

The transition from friends to lovers, and perhaps more, continues.

I barely remember the fifty minutes of traffic as I drive back to my house from dropping Sue off at Roberts condo. My brain keeps replaying that unforgettable mountain top sex Sue, and I shared and those last words she said when I dropped her off, ... it will be a dinner for two.  Im a few minutes from home when my phone buzzes with a text message from Sue, which I key my car to read...Read On

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Carrie and the Portrait pt. 01

Carrie gets more than her picture taken

It all started with a phone call. It was a portrait of her husband. A simple request, you say? Read on for the real story of what happened. This is a true story that took place in the late ‘70s, long before digital photography. Carrie came into the camera store nicely dressed in a business suit, high heels, nylons, and a scarf. Her breasts looked like they were going to burst from the...Read On

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Andy Has Dinner With His Neighbour

Andy had just moved into his first house. It was only a small house, but he liked it and it was his. The one thing he was not though was a good gardener. His efforts to make his garden look good were, to say the least, pathetic. He admired his next-door neighbour. Her garden was immaculate. One hot Saturday, Andy was out in his garden, trying to make it look semi-respectable. His...Read On

Added: 30 Aug 2021 | Category: Occupations | Avg Score: 4.75 | Words: 1,866 | Tags: sex  dinner  drinks  uniforms   | 5 Comments

My Aunt - My Niece

You might not want to know the truth...

It had been a number of months that my Aunt Rachel had been serving me as my slave. Her daughter lived in the dorms at a nearby college but would periodically come home when her budget got tight, meaning that she’d raid the refrigerator, do laundry, etc. On those occasions, we’d tone things down a bit to shield things from her daughter. Only a year younger than myself, my niece (Samantha or...Read On

Added: 30 Aug 2021 | Category: Incest | Avg Score: 4.95 | Words: 3,679 | Tags: incest  forceful   | 7 Comments

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