Inspired by the vision of Pi Network, Pi Futures has committed to give people a user-friendly cryptocurrency, which is easy to earn and risky-free to mine on the phone. During the R&D period of Pi Network, other cryptocurrency technologies were also constantly evolving and made great progresses. Decentralized finance, also known as DeFi, is one of the achievements worthy of attention. Pi Futures was born to bridge the world of Pi and DeFi.


Pi Futures token is now run on Ethereum and is DeFi-ready. However, we cannot wait until the Pi mainnet goes live before promoting Pi Futures. Here comes the giveaway campaign to distribute Pi Futures in an even and incentive way.

The giveaway campaign is designed as a mining activity. Everyone can earn Pi Futures for free, no matter whether you have mined Pi or passed KYC. Participants can boost their earnings by inviting friends or upgrading the simulated miners.

There are three sets of running rules: Mobile Mining, Contributor Levels, and Global Teamwork Rewards.

Mobile Mining

We named the simulated mining machine Pioneer. Everyone will be granted a Pioneer Lite once you sign up. Come back and check in on a daily base to mine Pi Futures produced by the miners. The Pi you mined could be used to acquire new miners or be sold for good. Below is the list of Pioneer models and the specifications.


Contributor Levels

When members upgrade from V0 to V1 or above through the phone verification process, they can withdraw Pi Futures tokens. A fee of 0.02eth is applicable to the verification process, so as to cover the cost of SMS and Ethereum token transfers.

Above level V1, different levels correspond to different contribution withholding ratios. 50% of Contribution collected will be burned for good. Another 50% will be rewarded to the outstanding leaders of the mining team. Contribution is paid in the form of Pi Futures tokens, while it can also take the form of inviting more people to join. So the higher the level you are, the less the contribution withholding ratio you have. To maximize the gain, a contributor should verify the phone and invite friends to experience mobile mining.


Global Teamwork Rewards

Your mining team is composed of your invitees and their subordinates. The sub-team is defined as the team from the overall team that excludes the most performance member and his/her subordinates. A valid invitation is when the invitee has reached V1 or higher. Member who is actively mining and has invited at least 10 valid members is usually qualified for one of the team leader titles. Members with titles will be granted the tremendous global teamwork rewards. The table below shows the detailed criteria and rewards.

For example, if there are 10 counselors and the total contribution withholding for the day are 100 Pi Futures, then each of the counselors will get 2 Pi Futures at the end of the day.


The campaign ends when Pi Network mainnet is launched or 5 million Pi Futures are successfully distributed. If you dont have a referral code to sign up, you could use the following signup link with a default code. And you are welcome to use the web app to mine Pi Futures.

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