Update: Verys Xbox Series X stock has now sold out, but it lasted a lot longer than usual. That bodes well for future restocks, as it means that demand is slowly subsiding. Well be keeping our eye out for any upcoming Xbox Series X stock drops, so stay tuned to TechRadar.

Very still has Xbox Series X stock right now, and you can pick up the console with a three month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription for £482.98. 

Verys stock doesnt tend to last long, so youll have to be quick if you want to pick up an Xbox Series X before theyre gone. The console on its own for £449.99 previously sold out rather sharpish. 

Its worth noting that you are technically pre-ordering the console, as it wont be shipped for delivery until July 2. 

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is extremely popular at the moment, with stock continuing to fly off the shelves as soon as it arrives. While Microsoft has promised more stock is on the way, the next-gen system continues to be hard to find.

Xbox Series X deals:


Xbox Series X + 3 months of Xbox Game Pass: £482.98 at Very
Want an Xbox Series X? Very has stock of Microsofts flagship console with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate bundle available. Wed recommend opting for the bundle as Game Pass gives you access to hundreds of games to play.View Deal

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are in high demand right now, and for good reason. The flagship Xbox Series X allows for native 4K gaming thanks to its powerful 12 teraflop processor and 120fps in select titles. Weve written extensively about the Xbox Series Xs features in our Xbox Series X review and were impressed by Microsofts new machine. 

Xbox Series X accessory deals

Not in the UK? Head to our where to buy Xbox Series X page, or check out the latest deals on accessories and controllers below:

Where to buy Xbox Series X in the UK

Where to buy Xbox Series S UK


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