88TC88 Good, very good.. This stock is worth to keep

02/06/2021 1:04 PM

88TC88 Hopefully it will break 2.02 today. Lets see

02/06/2021 2:45 PM

Antfakeguru1 Over price la, paypal and square is much better la

05/06/2021 8:54 PM

ramunia Revenue will be be selling like hotcakes soon under the normal circumstances in future

14/06/2021 6:44 PM

mcc888 finally.. some positive days..

14/06/2021 8:14 PM

Valueinvesting88 Great News!

Revenue Group Berhad Online Retail Investor Briefing On 3 July 2021

We are hosting an online retail investor briefing through Zoom for the ACE Market public listed company Revenue Group Berhad on 3 July 2021, Saturday morning from 10 am to 12 noon.

It is free-of-charge and you are strongly encouraged to join this upcoming Revenue Group Berhad online briefing. You can register to join the briefing by filling in the Google form below.

This online registration works on a first-come-first-served basis and we are only accepting a maximum of 100 participants to ensure that a truly interactive, quality meeting with the senior management team of Revenue Group Berhad will take place.

We will send a softcopy of all the reference material to the registered participants prior to the Revenue Group Berhad online briefing date.

Register link:


Revenue Group Website:

27/06/2021 3:21 PM

Aussie Everybody know about Revenue will fight for the digital banking licence?anyone ? Revenue should join the party but I dont see any press media announce it. Even aeon and Greenpacket also join the party and did the press media release yesterday

01/07/2021 2:39 PM

terence775 Aussie, they already mentioned they are not interested in fighting for the digital bank license.
They are instead the ones who are going to provide the support systems for whoever is winning the digital bank, which is within their competency.

02/07/2021 11:18 AM

06/07/2021 9:44 PM

Besafe When can this MM be like genetec. This counter MM I think no funds to goreng. Only can see everyday additional listing of shares.

07/07/2021 11:32 AM

Maxprofittt https://www.sinchew.com.my/pad/con/content_2511262.html

14/07/2021 8:15 AM

Besafe No power at all yet keeps asking ppl to join the web seminar. Got good news no need to do all this online web!

21/07/2021 3:19 PM

terence775 Funny, so you want the management to keep worrying about the share price instead of their developing their businesses?

21/07/2021 3:49 PM

Besafe I got attend their seminar la. Been talking about going to main board since last year. Yet no concrete news on this!

21/07/2021 6:26 PM

terence775 If you attended the webinar then what more news do you want? They already gave all the latest updates
since you attended you should know what the planned schedule is like and what stage they are already currently at.

Knowing the plans and direction of the company is the advantage of people who take the effort to join and learn and speak to the management of the company.

Of which I daresay Revenue is amongst the most transparent in Bursa, as they regularly have investor briefings to meet people and answer their questions. Not many companies take the effort to do that, even if its only a 1-2 hour session every quarter.

22/07/2021 11:33 AM

catherinelee When you ask them in webinar why the director did his disposals several times, the answer you get will be

there is nothing wrong with the act, and the person who asked this question is selfish and not considering.

Its really nothing wrong with the selling, but why cant they explain a bit? Its also a concern when directors keep perform disposals

23/07/2021 9:49 PM

terence775 Catherine, you should be asking, whos the one buying up their disposals via off market
and how much of his disposal is off market vs open market.
How much of the company do the 3 directors collectively still own?

26/07/2021 10:42 AM

biscuitboy96 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2j4mT-55i3s

27/07/2021 10:07 AM

wkchia71 Revenue submitted application for digital bank.

02/08/2021 9:29 AM

Maxprofittt https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/revenue-group-consortium-submits-application-digital-banking-licence

02/08/2021 9:39 AM

investortrader88 bought this counter yesterday.will continue to hold.good luck guys.

04/08/2021 12:46 PM

newbie8080 @Besafe

Revenue didnt meet the min requirement to graduate to Main Market.

04/08/2021 12:49 PM

Mabel Any reason it drop today?


06/08/2021 10:05 AM

06/08/2021 11:39 AM

gdrgnz Technical still cun

06/08/2021 12:32 PM

flyhub888 kasi cuci retailer dulu..

06/08/2021 1:46 PM

Aurora13 Dumping till 1.7

11/08/2021 4:19 PM

gorengkitty buy sikit sikit when drop to 1.90 ish then kutip kutip

11/08/2021 5:20 PM

Mabel Today Mabel collect more...


11/08/2021 7:07 PM

ChongLeeWoon Collection phase ongoing... Next megatrend about to happen

12/08/2021 3:05 PM

Mabel Revenue Group consolidated and tested the RM1.93 resistance level. With its RSI indicator in an uptrend, coupled with a higher trading volume, we see a possibility for a technical breakout. If this happens, we expect it to move towards the short-term target prices of RM2.04 and RM2.10. The downside support is projected at RM1.76. Traders are advised to exit on a breach to avoid further losses.

Trading Call: Buy on breakout RM1.93

Target: RM2.04, RM2.10 (time frame: 2–4 weeks)

Exit: RM1.76

Source: AmInvest Research - 23 Jul 2021

13/08/2021 11:24 AM

akuantiguru Habis cash liao revenue after bought rubbish

17/08/2021 3:59 PM

wkchia71 When is Revenue quarterly earnings report date?

18/08/2021 7:22 PM

Lolcakes should be end of month.

19/08/2021 10:42 AM

Maxprofittt https://www.enanyang.my/node/424512

20/08/2021 9:28 AM

fregend One of recovery stocks, and digital bank potential but up slow down fast lol

20/08/2021 3:49 PM

Jonael Hope is in next week. Lets see

20/08/2021 3:58 PM

flyhub888 extended qr release by 1 month

20/08/2021 11:57 PM

Jonael Extended QR is good or bad?

21/08/2021 3:26 PM

fregend Always got big dump after slight push, hopeless

24/08/2021 3:50 PM

Maxprofittt https://klse.i3investor.com/m/blog/sinchew_company_story/2021-08-24-story-h1569892261.jsp

25/08/2021 1:05 AM

investortrader88 Top 24 shareholders own 50.6% of Revenue Group Berhad

Shih-Chiow Ng
Shih-Fang Ng
Chee-Siong Ng
Kenanga Investors Berhad
Public Mutual Berhad
PMB Investment Berhad
Lai Keat
Pertubuhan Peladang Kebangsaan
Principal Global Investors, LLC
Libra Invest Berhad
See Min Chan
Chung Ming Low
Kenanga Islamic Investors Berhad
Ming Sang Fong
Yu Kiong Kong
BIMB Investment Management Berhad
Yeng Nee Lim
Teck Loong Tan
Mitsubishi UFJ Kokusai Asset Management Co., Ltd.
Nor Bin Abdul Jalil
RHB Asset Management Sdn Bhd
TA Investment Management Berhad
Dimensional Fund Advisors L.P.
Guan-Hoe Ooi

31/08/2021 4:51 PM

EatCoconutCanWin @Pang72 , this stock can buy in? or preferr myeg?

01/09/2021 12:37 PM

Harry Wong Revenue own buymall 51%, with callaborate Taobao china 2 years ago, share price for revenue was expected to be around rm 3 to 4.

01/09/2021 12:39 PM

01/09/2021 3:47 PM

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