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About Green Gold Investments

Green Gold is a holding investment company for farming projects in South Africa as well as abroad. We have branches and offices in Dubai, Tunisia, and South Africa. We focus on the agricultural production for cannabis, livestock, crops, and citrus. We have committed to align our practices with those of GLOBAL G.A.P, and ensure the use of the most modern farming methods and technologies.

The Green Gold farm is located on a 1500Ha livestock & game farm, in a secure electronically gated, secluded location, that is close to the markets which mitigates the risk of theft, and minimizes transport cost, which allows for higher potential returns for our investors. The South African climate allows for favorable seasons leading to better harvests maximizing return on investment.

Investment Oppertunities


Green house & indoor marijuana production for THC.


Outdoor marijuana cultivation for CBD production.

Crops & Citrus

Cultivation of a variety of crops & citrus.

Animal Production

Raising and selling of sheep, cattle & goats.

Our vision, mission & values

Our Vision & Mission


As a Pty Ltd, we will be focusing on generating profits through, cultivation and sales of cannabis flower and exporting it internationally. We will also focus on training learners in cannabis cultivation and production within the near future.


To become one of South Africa’s leading commercial cannabis cultivation farms and export the best viable cannabis crop flowers, through market assessment and correct sales principles.


  • To produce high quality cannabis
  • To uplift and empower our country’s most valuable resources
  • To create a unified work ethic between our organization and the communities we serve
  • To align our core values and outputs with the National Development Plan 2030
  • To support our government’s efforts in Food Security
  • To provide an effective mechanism for increasing household food security and community upliftment
  • Ensure the establishment of effective support structures
  • To demonstrate opportunities for diversification

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