Contributing your photos, illustrations, and vector art to Adobe Stock is easy and rewarding.

Use Photoshop tools to give your photo its final creative tweaks.


Adobe Stock requires jpeg format for all submissions.

Minimum image resolution: 4MP

Maximum image resolution: 100MP

Maximum file size: 45MB


Navigate to your Adobe Stock Contributor portal to upload your photo or design. You can also upload via Lightroom or Adobe Bridge.


Fill in as many relevant keywords as possible to increase the searchability of your photo on Adobe Stock.


If you need a release, you can Search for an existing release or Create a new release by downloading a template. You can also generate a digital release with Adobe Sign.


If this is your first submission, you’ll need to verify yor identity in order to submit your photo for approval.  You’ll receive a confirmation notice confirming your submission is in process for approval. 


Once approved, that’s it – you’re now ready to start earning royalties doing what you love!


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