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Message on Moneycontrol Message Board: GOLD USDINR CHART ANALYSIS

6.32 PM Apr 26th 2020



6.28 PM Apr 26th 2020

SBI Cards  

24th april Buy usdinr 76 put around 0.0150-0.02 Stop loss - 0 Target - 0.20

10.31 AM Apr 24th 2020


WTI Crude futures up by 103 percent, Dow Futures Down by 350 points USDINR Down . Follow for updates

7.58 PM Apr 21st 2020


, strengthening of USDINR and RBI OMO will keep market buoyant for coming weeks. Nifty may hit 10,000 before testing March lows.YES bank has become extremely speculative as Q4 is doomed and Q1 and Q2 would be disaster thanks to Covid. Markets would certainly correct when this reflation rally is over.

7.32 PM Apr 21st 2020


Tommorw usdinr below 75.80 sustaine end close then we can see 75.50-75.25level we can see major hudle at 75.10 if break then after we wll more for usdinr

6.16 PM Apr 12th 2020

HDFC Bank  

So in the coming days, to get a better insight into Market sentiment in Nifty 50, Traders should keep an eye on the Price Behaviour of USDINR. Doing so will give an informed perspective to trade the markets.

8.22 PM Apr 6th 2020

Tata Motors  

As per Tata Mo Adr data its low was 3.02 dollors in 2008-09. Calculating by usdinr the value of TataMo comes to 45. I think it will worst condition. strong support at 60-65. Thursday closing of Adr was 4.12 calculating to Inr it was 62. but close around 66. so it had major support at 60 & then 46

8.08 PM Apr 4th 2020


Seeming so, Unfortunately both nifty and usdinr came to crucial levels. If usdinr dipped below 75.40 then nifty will be zoomed up.

12.33 PM Mar 30th 2020


Oy bears ! Fm aunty came and went, rbi chacha came and went. Whom do u want now to come for raising volatility ? Every ministerial is busy dealing corona. Take inspiration from usdinr and become eruptive.

11.38 AM Mar 30th 2020

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