1) re: CEO has a history of scams and pump and dump - Brian Conway is an IR guy with a history of specializing in taking nearly failed companies and trying to restore them to shareholder value. Correlation doesnt equal causation. Logical fallacy, look it up. People like to say Conway was the head of LIBE which failed and diluted, scam scam scam. LIBE is the one everyone remembers because it didnt succeed, but there were ones he did succeed at like GBRC and SHMP, and he is succeeding at OZSC now. Obviously a guy who primarily steps into nearly failed companies is going to have to do things like dilute, and when you are the one stepping in and taking over a company that is already in a very tenuous state, you can hardly be called the one to blame for its circumstances because you tried to turn it around and didnt succeed once.

2) re: OZSC was a surgical company a few months ago. Yes, it was. OZSC was a surgical company and it was headed by CEO - Michael D. Chermak until February 2020. Brian Conway (the founder of Waypoint) was the IR contact for OZSC and Chermak. Chermak essentially brought the surgical company to the brink of bankruptcy, took out an onslaught of convertible notes and then bailed. During the same time, Brian Conway had formed a relationship with Cathy Chis, president of PCTI.

Brian helped PCTI to transition from a private company to a public company. One of the cheapest and easiest ways to bring a private company into the public is via a reverse merger. Brian first tried to take PCTI public through the ticker ELTZ. However, that deal fell through because it turned out that ELTZ had significant undisclosed problems. Cathy then suggested Brian take the ticker public through OZSC. Brian advised Cathy against doing this because OZSC had significant debt and was a ticker with a lot of baggage instead of a clean ticker. Cathy and Brian took the ticker public through OZSC because instead of paying for a shell company, like most private companies would have to do to go public, Cathy and PCTI would receive 2 million in financing instead. For that reason, Cathy went with OZSC to take PCTI public.

PCTI has a 29 year history in the power conversion and electrical engineering markets with clients such as the entire US Military, BAE Systems, General Dynamics, NASA, Mitsubishi, etc. Their reputation in the industry is flawless, and they are the only US manufacturer of high MW power inverters with NO COMPETITION. PCTI had a difficult year in 2019 because Mihai Chis, the founder of PCTI and Cathys husband passed away. Cathy decided to take the company public to honor him and build his vision into something even bigger. Brian stepped in reluctantly as CEO, and as soon as PCTI reverse merged into OZSC in June 2020, Brian began the pivot into the energy sector.

3) re: OZSC is a scam, fake company, etc. This ties into #2, but do you really think that a company with a flawless reputation like PCTI, and the US Military and the largest DoD contractors as ongoing clients would ever possibly be a scam? Do you think a company like this headed by someone with as sterling of a reputation as Cathy Chis would participate in a scam? Are you that foolish?

Do you know the amount of credibility and background checks you have to pass to have NASA and the US Military as a client? This shouldnt ever be brought up, because its so absolutely ridiculous that it has no legs to stand on.

4) re: OZSC (and/or Brian Conway) is a dilution scam, and theyre going to dilute even more! - See #1 regarding the types of companies that Brian steps into to fix them up, and #2 regarding the state of OZSC and the surgical company BEFORE Brian ever stepped into the role of CEO in February 2020. 90% of the convertible notes and dilution that took place between February 2020 when Brian stepped in as CEO and the present were taken out by Michael Chermak before Brian was ever on board. Brian renegotiated much of the legacy debt, and cleared up most of the rest of it. Additionally, as a growing company, Brian did take out a few more convertible notes for the following purposes: 1) Funds to pay Cathy Chis as part of the contract for the reverse merger to bring in PCTI to OZSC; 2) Funds for interim operations of business due to 2019 being a poor year for PCTI because of Mihai Chis passing; 3) Funds to expand into energy storage and renewables and form the new subsidiary, Ozop Energy Systems, which has already secured the deal with WESCO and has far more on the way to make up for the brief debt.

Yes, there were a lot of shares diluted during this period of time, but none of the worst of it is on Brian, and the parts that are occurred for good reasons that will lead to far more development for the company.


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