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There are two consoles: the Digital Edition and the console with an optical drive. This is an option for gamers who prefer to play games using a disc. The gaming console has a dramatic design compared to its predecessors. It has a two-tone finish and has a blue light glow emanating from its interior crevices where the black and white part of the console meets.


The Sony PlayStation Consoles are not new to glowing lights but the PS5 is more extravagant. The glowing blue light wraps around the top part of the gaming console. It is tall and narrow which is coloured white while the middle portion is black. It is a contrast to its rival the Xbox Series X which has a cubelike shape.

The front panel also features two ports which are the USB-C port and the standard USB port. Two buttons function as the power and disc ejection. The Digital Edition on the other hand does not have an eject button since it does not operate using a disc. It uses a DualSense controller that has the same general layout as DualShock gamepads. It has a more rounded design which is more user-friendly

Gamers Can Expect a Lot From the PlayStation 5 Games Console

The specifications of this console are very impressive. It is installed with an eight-core AMD Zen 2 CPU and it is also paired with a custom Radeon GPU. When it comes to its audio features, it is installed with a 3D audio unit. This features support directional audio. It helps to generate sound from the sides, front, and the back of the console which is quite similar to Dolby Atmos.

Instead of using a hard drive, it uses an 825 GB SSD. With this improvement, the games that you will play will have a much faster loading time. It also has numerous new features including suspending multiple games which they call the “instant game startup”. With its SSD, the user can jump from one game to another instantly without having to wait for longer loading time.

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Impressive Features of the PlayStation 5 Games Console


One option of PlayStation 5 Games Console will have an optical drive. There will also be a disc-less version that will be made available. This console will be able to play Blu-ray movies in 4K which the PS4 Pro and PlayStation 4 are not capable of.

Another cool feature that the developers have added is the built-in microphone that is installed in its DualSense gamepad, you can not chat with other gamers without even using a headset. Although this could be a privacy concern for others, it is a great option to be used when playing all by yourself.

A most impressive feature of this gaming console is its DualSense controller force feedback which adds tension when you pull on the R2 and L2 triggers. The L2 and R2 triggers resist the pressure of the users fingers which allows them to feel a smooth acceleration. This improves the gaming experience of the players most especially in racing games like Gran Turismo 7. It is also a big advantage for first-person shooting games.

Get to know if the PlayStation 5 Games Console is in-stock with the stock informer available at the Latest Deals. You will also be updated with the help of the stock alerts. Many people are interested in getting the PlayStation 5 Games Console so you should be more aggressive in finding the best deals that will give value for your money.

Play Lots of Cool Games with the PlayStation 5

Gamers can expect to see lots of crossover games between the PS4 and PS5 games. Sony stated that there will be a widespread of new games that are specifically designed and intended for the PS5 console only.

Most of these games will be out in 2021. As a sneak peeks of the upcoming PS5 games, they include:

  • Spiderman: Miles Morales,
  • Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart,
  • Forbidden West,
  • Resident Evil VIII: Village.

The release date of these games is not yet confirmed.

There are a few accessories that will go with the PlayStation 5 Games Console. It includes a Pulse 3D wireless headset, a charging stand for the wireless DualSense controllers, a camera, and a media remote. The camera will be used for VR games presumably.

Expect to play your favourite games with this upcoming console. Some of the popular games include Madden, NBA 2K, Fortnite, Rainbow 6, and Call of Duty. Sony stated that there will be 26 games which will be initially released for this next-gen console. A new entry to the list is the Assassin’s Creed series.

Gamers will surely expect a lot of Esports-ready games. Some of the games that gamers will surely enjoy are Grand Theft Auto V, Project Athia, Stray, Destruction AllStars, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Solar Ash, Hitman III, Astros Playroom, Goodbye Volcano High, and GhostWire: Tokyo, among many others. The games that will be released have a good mix of simulation, fantasy, action, adventure, third-person shooter, combat, and racing games.

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