Standard No Obligation 

  1. No Other Obligations. Neither party has any obligation under this agreement to purchase from or provide to the other party any products or services, or to enter into any other agreement.

Alt [PARTY A]s discretion to enter definitive agreement 

  1. [PARTY A]s Discretion to Enter Definitive Agreement. [PARTY A]s obligation to enter into a Definitive Agreement is subject to, in [PARTY A]s good faith opinion formed after reasonable determination and consideration of all relevant factors, there being
    1. no material adverse change in [PARTY A]s condition or operation, or in the condition or operation of any other party to such Definitive Agreement,
    2. satisfactory disclosure of all relevant information in the disclosure documents and a determination that the Contemplated Transaction is reasonable given such disclosures,
    3. no market conditions which might render the Contemplated Transaction hereby contemplated inadvisable, and
    4. agreement thatthe price established [bythe independent appraiser] is reasonable inthe then-prevailing market conditions.

Alt Long Form — No Obligation to Pursue Transaction 

  1. No Obligation to Pursue Transaction. The parties acknowledge that
    1. this agreement, or any written or oral expression with respect to this agreement, the Purpose, or the Transaction, by any of the parties Affiliates or Representatives, does not impose any obligation on either party to authorize or pursue the Transaction, except for the matters specifically agreed to in this agreement, so
    2. unless and until a definitive agreement between the parties with respect to the Transaction has been executed and delivered, neither party will be under any legal obligation with respect to the Transaction or to any other transactions or agreements, and
    3. each party reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and to terminate discussions and negotiations with the other party. 

Alt No restrictions or liability 

  1. Obligations and Liability.
    1. No Restrictions. The receiving party acknowledges and agrees that the disclosing party, in its sole discretion,
      1. is free to explore other potential opportunities that may lead to a possible transaction with another party,
      2. may change the procedures relating to its consideration of a transaction at any time without prior notice,
      3. may reject any and all proposals made by receiving party with respect to a possible Transaction, and
      4. may terminate discussions with receiving party at any time and for any reason.
    2. No Liability. The disclosing party will have no obligation or liability to receiving party with regard to a possible Transaction by virtue of this Agreement or otherwise, unless and until and only in the event that definitive agreements have been executed for a Transaction.

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