You can buy or sell shares from Legal & General and many other UK companies quickly and easily, through the Link Share Dealing Service.

You can trade (certificated or electronically held) shares in Legal & General online or over the phone (please note, you can only trade shares up to a value of £25,000 online), and there are no application forms to fill in or annual fees.

Type Channel Commission Minimum Maximum
Nominee dealing Online 0.3% £10.00 £50.00
  Phone 0.5% per trade £20.00 £100.00
  Postal 0.3% £10.00 £50.00
Certificated dealing Online 0.75% per trade £20.00 £80.00
  Phone 1.25% per trade £25.00 £110.00
  Postal 0.5% £20.00 £75.00

Maximum fees will only apply to trades up to a value of £50,000. Trades in excess of this figure will be subject to a rate of 0.20% with no maximum for nominee trades and 0.35% with no maximum for certificated trades. This is due to trades of this type not achieving an automated quotation and Link Group having to work with market makers to ensure the shareholder receives the best price at the time of trade. These trades will be handled by Link Asset Groups Executive Dealing Team.

* Commission charges may be subject to change. For the current costs and to find out more, visit or call 0371 664 0445 (Calls are charged at the standard geographic rate and will vary by provider. Calls outside the United Kingdom are charged at the applicable international rate. Lines are open between 8 am ‐ 4.30 pm, Monday to Friday excluding public holidays in England and Wales).

Link Group is a trading name of Link Market Services Limited and Link Market Services Trustees Limited. Share registration and associated services are provided by Link Market Services Limited (registered in England, No. 2605568). Regulated services are provided by Link Market Services Trustees Limited (registered in England, No. 2729260), which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The registered office of each of these companies is 10th Floor, Central Square, 29 Wellington Street, Leeds LS1 4DL 

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