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Introducing the new FeedWatch TouchScreen indicator. It is revolutinizing the feeding industry one touch at a time. Here are just some of its features:

  • Easy-To-Use Touchscreen
  • Wireless Communication
  • Large Color Display
  • Weight Progress Bar
  • Picture-Driven Menus
  • Reduce Feed Waste
  • Verify Feed Accuracy
  • Weather-Resistant Equipment
  • Compatible with existing FW hardware.

Boost your bottom line! With increased efficiency and decreased waste, in the end FeedWatch doesnt cost, It Pays!

FeedWatch, feed management software designed from a philosophy of flexibility while maintaining complete analytical ability. FeedWatch works with mixer trucks and wagons, or with stationary mixers and delivery trucks. The FeedWatch program uses an industrialized mixer scale indicator, made by GSE Scale Systems, and a Grayhill ultra bright LED external display. The software will monitor feed usage, sales, purchasing, animal intakes and cost. Other features include export files for consultants, graphing, customizable reports, user security levels, chemistry levels, current and forecasting inventories.

  • Eliminate Feed Sheets
  • Monitor Intakes
  • Optimize Feed Expense
  • Analyze Consumption
  • Verify Feeding Accuracy
  • Track Ingredient / Ration Chemistries
  • Track Feed Contracts
  • Reduce Feed Waste
  • Optimize Pen Feedings
  • Track Income Over Feed Price

Key Features of FeedWatch Pro

Pen-Centric Design
The main premise of FeedWatch... Pen-Centric design displays all of the important information from a single screen.

-  Target DMI
-  Last 7 Days DMI
-  Pen-Level Feeding
-  Chemistries
-  Total Pen Summary
-  Animal Summary
-  Complete Pen History
-  User-Definable Fields

Also, you have the ability to manage: feedings, recipes, ingredients, etc. without leaving the pens screen.

Dynamic Scheduling
FeedWatch dynamically schedules all of your loads. Dont waste your time figuring what each load should be... let the power of FeedWatch do it for you.

Set it and forget it... Once you give FeedWatch the basics of how to feed your herd, it will automatically create and schedule your loads to maximize the capacity of your mixer.

Feedwatch will automatically size loads according to the mixers capacity. If your main mixer goes down, any size mixer can take its place without any hassles.

DC305 Integration
FeedWatch uses a direct connection to the DairyComp 305 database to automatically update your pen counts for each of the pens.

Not only will you have access to the pen counts but you will also be able to bring your milking information from your parlor program. FeedWatch will give you a complete dairy report so you can easily analyze your production vs. cost of your milking herd.

Ingredient Mix Timers
Ingredient mix timers allow you to have full control over the mixture of the ration. Some ingredients need longer mixing times, just increase the delay time before the next ingredient.

Complete Chemistries
With each ingredients standard chemistry value listed, you can see the complete nutritional value of your recipe.

Simple Reporting
User-friendly report and graph writer makes it easy for you to access and generate any report you need. From inventory reports for your lender to usage reports by pen types, all can be generated with just a couple mouse clicks. Also you can schedule any custom report to automatically print reports, graphs or both by any duration (hours, days, weeks, months, etc.) you wish.

Weather-Resistant Equipment
FeedWatch uses state-of-the-art weather-resistant equipment that will hold up to the rugged abuse of day-to-day operations.

  • Super-Bright L.E.D. Exterior Display
    Californias Central Valley thick fog cant even mask the display from brightly displaying out the feed information.
  • Simple-To-Use One Button Scale Indicator
    New One-Button functions allows your feeder to spend his time feeding and not pushing buttons.
  • Military-Grade Wireless Communication.
    Wireless communication allows your operation expand several miles* away from your desktop computer.

*Distance is determined by terrain

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