In order to maximize your future profits, its a smart idea to add a variety of bargain,  undervalued, stocks to your growing investment portfolio. If you purchase shares before they skyrocket in price, you may be able to double your money or better.

To discover how to identify undervalued stocks which offer exceptional value for money and are likely to increase in share price, simply continue reading as youll quickly learn how to select companies to invest in which boast solid plans for future growth.  

These are not necessarily long term or short term investments, as they could go end up being either, depending on how the market dictates. 

Undervalued Stocks for 2021:



Apple is a household name around the world and is best known for producing personal electronic devices such as iPhones, tablets, Apple watches, and Mac Books.

You may be surprised to see Apple listed as an undervalued stock. However, while Apples current share price may seem high, its important to consider Apples future. Apple has recently shown a willingness to diversify into new industries. For example, Apple recently pioneered a new service, which is referred to as software as a service.

Software as a service allows clients to access software applications via the internet, which means that clients wont have to install or maintain the software applications which they choose to use. Software as a service is likely to appeal to individuals and businesses which dont want the hassle of understanding complex software or managing their own hardware. As there is already high demand for software as a service applications, its highly likely that Apple will find a target audience for its new service.

Apple is also an underrated stock as Apple has shown a willingness to break into the automotive industry. In fact, Apple has already announced a partnership with Kia Motors. Its likely that Kia Motors will manufacture Apples first electric cars. It is thought that Apple plans to produce 100,000 electric cars a year, from the year 2024. If Apple can steal some of Teslas market share, you can expect Apples share price to skyrocket in the years to come.

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Alibaba Group:


Alibaba Group is one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world and is the owner of three successful digital platforms, Alibaba, Aliexpress, and Alipay. While Alibaba Group has grown from strength to strength over the past few years and flourished during the first few months of the Coronavirus pandemic, in the second half of 2020 Alibaba Groups share price plummeted. Due to two major factors.

Firstly, Ant Group which was a financial arm that Alibaba Group hoped would become another success story, was barred from being listed on the stock exchange by the Chinese government. Many speculators believe that the Chinese government prevented Ant Group from going public, as they saw Alibaba Groups founder Jack Ma as a threat. Worse yet, Alibaba Groups share price fell further after Jack Ma was thought to be missing after he stopped making public appearances.

Despite the Chinese governments intervention, in 2021 Alibaba Groups share price has started to make a steady recovery as its founder, Jack Ma has been found alive and well. There is also speculation that Ant Group which owns AliPay may reach a deal with the Chinese government to go public later this year.

In conclusion, as Alibaba Group is still currently undervalued its a wise idea to pick up some Alibaba Group shares while theyre cheap. As each of Alibaba Groups e-commerce platforms are set to post record-breaking profits this year. Especially as Alibaba Groups revenue has tripled in the past three years.

General Electric:


General Electric is a well-known conglomerate that is active in the finance industry, the aviation industry, the health care industry, the digital industry and the energy industry, and the renewable energy industry.

Some examples of products that are produced by General Electric include aircraft engines, power generators, medical imaging products, and gas production equipment.

While General Electric is a successful conglomerate that was first established over 100 years ago, its share price reached an all-time high in the year 2000. After which point, it continued to decline. However, financial experts are confident that General Electrics shares have bottomed out and that its share price will start to increase in price in 2021.

There are multiple reasons why financial experts predict that General Electric will make a comeback. One of which is that General Electric has replaced its executive team and is under new leadership. Secondly, General Electric decreased its debt and has sold off parts of its business that were not lucrative. Another reason why General Electrics share price is likely to increase this year is that the increased demand for renewable energy will increase global demand for General Electrics products.

Lastly, as the aviation industry is set to make a comeback in the second part of the year, General Electrics share price should also increase. Due to the fact that General Electric manufactures a large portion of the worlds aircraft engines.

General Motors:


While Tesla is probably the first automotive company which you think of when it comes to investments, it may worthwhile to diversify your investment portfolio by purchasing shares in General Motors. Which designs and produces American vehicles such as Cadillacs, Buicks, Chevrolets, and GM vehicles.

While Tesla is currently worth around $600 per share as of the time im writing this, General Motors is undervalued at just $54 per share. Especially as General Motors produced over 5 million vehicles in 2020 alone, while Tesla only managed to produce 500,000 vehicles in 2020. One reason why General Motors is severely undervalued is that they have a solid plan to decrease Teslas market share.

In fact, General Motors has shared its plan to release 30 electric vehicle models in the next five years. Two of which include a much anticipated Hummer EV and a Cadillac EV. As General Motors has a well-established history, its very likely that theyll find a market for their electric vehicles and will be able to successfully steal some of Teslas market share. Especially as one of the key reasons for Teslas unprecedented success was that Tesla was one of the first companies to manufacture electric vehicles.

Hilton Worldwide Holdings:


Hilton Worldwide Holdings currently owns and operates over 575 hotels and resorts around the world.

As the effects of the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic decrease and the travel industry takes off once again, financial experts believe that Hilton Worldwide Holdings will make a speedy recovery. Especially as Hilton Worldwide Holdings have a rainy day fund of $3.5 billion, to fall back on.

Currently, Hilton Worldwide Holdings share price is severely undervalued due to the fact that they reported a disappointing 64% decrease in earnings in 2020. However, as soon as worldwide travel picks up again, Hilton Worldwide Holdings share price is likely to soar.

If you require further convincing Wall Street analysts have predicted that Hilton Worldwide Holdings revenue will increase from the end of 2020 to the end of 2021.



Pinterest is a social media app that allows individuals to save photos to digital pinboards. For example, members often post images of travel destinations, interior design items, and clothes to their digital pinboards. One reason to invest in Pinterest is that earns money through advertisements. As advertisers are encouraged to upload their own catalogs to the popular platform.

One prominent Barron fund manager believes that Pinterest shares are highly undervalued and are easily capable of increasing in value by 25% each year, over four years. So if youre looking for a social media stock that offers far better value for money than Facebook shares, you may want to purchase Pinterest shares.



As you no doubt know, Tech Stocks are hot in 2021.  IBM is an American-based, multinational technology company that is active in over 170 countries. While IBMs stock price has fallen by 21% in the past 3 years, financial experts believe that IBM is undervalued as it now has a solid, viable plan for future growth.

For example, IBM recently spent $34 billion in order to purchase Red Hat, an innovative open-source company that specializes in creating modern cloud-based solutions.

Another reason to consider investing in IBM is that in the past 8 years, IBM has invested over $120 billion in order to reinvent itself and to increase its annual revenue. Currently, IBM is primarily focused on creating a trillion-dollar hybrid cloud opportunity. That will allow IBM to provide its clients with a public cloud and a private cloud that are capable of sharing data and key applications. According to IBM, their clients see 2.5 times more value in hybrid cloud systems, compared to traditional public cloud-based systems.

Its also well worth noting that IBM offers reliable, steady dividends. So if youre interested in building long-term, passive income, you may want to add IBM shares to your investment portfolio.

Proctor & Gamble:


Proctor & Gamble is a multinational consumer goods company that owns a long list of consumer brands. Popular examples of which include Gilette, Tide, Crest, and Febreze. As it owns a variety of successful businesses, Proctor & Gamble has successfully increased its revenue each year and offers excellent value for money. As compared to other stocks, its share price is low, compared to its annual revenue and growth.

One key reason to invest in Proctor & Gamble is that for the past 60 years, it has increased its dividend payouts each year. So if youre looking to invest in an undervalued company that offers reliable, competitive dividends, its well worth investing in Proctor & Gamble.

Another reason to invest in Proctor & Gamble is that its CEO David Gamble has ensured that Proctor & Gamble has invested in digital marketing in order to increase the companys growth. As online marketing is now key to companies success. Furthermore, Proctor & Gamble uses Alphabets Google Cloud intelligence tools, in order to better target its digital advertisements to its target audiences.



Qualcomm is one of the largest semiconductor producers in the world and supplies critical components for smartphones and smartphone-related infrastructures. Financial experts predict that while Qualcomm shares were valued at $4.52 in 2020, that by the end of 2021 theyll be worth around $7.81. So if youre looking to invest in a stock that can potentially offer a high return on your investment, consider investing in Qualcomm shares.

Although Qualcomm is an undervalued stock, it still offers financial stability as it has plenty of lucrative, long-term licensing agreements that will produce reliable earnings for the foreseeable future.

As a bonus, Qualcomm also offers sought-after Snapdragon products which are likely to experience a surge in demand after 5G smartphones are rolled out throughout the world. Due to the fact that Snapdragon processors are used to create 5G capable smartphones, which are in high demand around the world. As most countries are now beginning to offer high-speed, 5G networks.

Wells Fargo:


Wells Fargo is a multinational financial company that offers banking services as well as commercial finance services, investing services, and credit card services. While the majority of financial stocks have made swift recoveries in recent months, Wells Fargos share price is still undervalued.

One of the major reasons why Wells Fargos share price isnt climbing as fast as its competitors share prices is that it is currently functioning under a temporary asset cap. That was ordered by the Federal Reserve as a punishment for a series of scandals that Wells Fargo was involved in.

However, economists believe that Wells Fargos stock price will continue to steadily increase in price and is a wise investment. Especially as more money is deposited into Wells Fargo accounts each year, than any other bank. Which is a clear sign that in the future Wells Fargos share price may make a full recovery.

In conclusion:

If you want to ensure that your money works hard for you, its a wise idea to invest in companies that have solid plans for future growth and which are likely to flourish in the future.

If youre looking to diversify your investment portfolio, you cant go wrong by purchasing shares in all of the undervalued stocks which have been listed above, especially if youd like to double your investment or better.

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