Dedicated to the advancement of the Hispanic community.

At Bienvenido, we believe in showcasing the power behind the Hispanic community. As the Hispanic population grows in the United States, we strive to highlight Hispanic advancements in the areas of faith, education, civic engagement, and cultural prosperity.


How We Impact

Close to 60 million Hispanics live in the United States. We believe that community empowerment begins with raising the voices of leaders within our community. Through their “Bienvenido story,” others can find the motivation to do best for those they represent. Our video campaigns, voter registration drives, and nationwide events have a direct impact in positively shaping the Hispanic community.


Community Engagement

Bienvenido believes in recapturing the work ethic and traditional values that are inherently present in the Hispanic community. Both entertaining and informative, our community events bring the leading voices in today’s culture to highlight and celebrate all the accomplishments Hispanics have seen in America.


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