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In the following review, we are going to answer the question of whether IM Mastery Academy is a scam or not.

IM Mastery Academy has been around since the middle of September 2019. 
It may seem that it is a new company but make no mistake.

IM Mastery Academy is just a copy of an older version called iMarketsLive, or IML Academy. 

Is it something wrong with it?
Do they keep changing the name because of something fishy going on behind the curtains?

Is IM Mastery Academy really a Scam?

Well, the answer is not that straightforward and we are going to explain why this change has happened and what is going on with this new-ish company called IM Mastery Academy.
We are going to check also the Income Disclosure, so you get an idea of how much people make within IMMA.

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate of IM Mastery Academy. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.
Although, the following post might contain affiliate links. That means if you click on them and purchase the product, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. 

IM Mastery Academy Overview

Name: IM Mastery Academy
Website: www.im.academy (or www.imarketslive.com)
Price to Join:
$225 or $325 a month (Depends on Starter Package up to $3,150 a year)
Not Really (They offer a 7-day money-back guarantee, so feel free to try)

Update 06/2020:
International Markets Live LTD has characteristics of Pyramid Scheme

The IM Mastery Academy is just a new name of the International Market Live LTD, which has had no authority to offer Financial Services and Products.
The official page of the Financial Services and Markets Authority in Belgium “strongly advises against responding to any offers made by International Markets Live”.

I don’t recommend joining the IM Mastery Academy. 

If you are really interested in trading, I can show you a legitimate company that has plenty of educational materials, provides trading signals and members have direct access to the mentors. 

It is also great for beginners. The name of the company is Forex Signals and you can find out more about this company at the link below. 

Check More Details Here

They offer a free 7-Day trial. 

IM Mastery Academy is an MLM company teaching about the foreign exchange market (Forex). They provide courses and tools that help develop trading strategies, show real-time trade ideas, and can get more information regarding the Forex market.
Forex is a trading business concerning the relative value of one currency vs. another.Is

IMMA provides tools and training that becoming a trader is easier than ever.
This is at least how it is presented on their website.

Now, let’s take a look at who is behind the IMMA.
Christopher Terry as the current IMMA CEO started in the construction business. He realizes that this is not the way he wants to go, so he gets into Forex.
After 3 years he finally can leave the construction company for good and starts as a full-time trader.

In 2013 he founded iMarketsLive.
This was officially an MLM company, but the only way to make money was through recruiting.

So it was an outright pyramid scheme. To avoid the lawsuit, he changes the name of the company and changes the strategy as well.
He adds products the to company portfolio so people involved within the IMMA must sell these products.
These products are courses on how to trade with currencies – Forex.

The trading courses are the core of their business now. That is the main difference between now and before.
For example, an IMMA representative has to have more than 50% of the sales/commission from the product retail before he can recruit.

This gives a legitimate aspect to the IMMA.

Is IM Mastery Academy Pyramide Scheme?

Pyramid schemes are illegal in most countries.
Regarding the IM Mastery Academy, we see above that it is not anymore the pyramid scheme. Having a product within its portfolio, IM Mastery Academy is a legit MLM company.

If the question would concern the predecessor (iMarketsLive), then yes – we have to say that yes. The iMarketsLive was solely focusing on recruiting.

With a new name, the IM Mastery Academy also introduced a new “game plan” where now they focus on selling the products as well.
The recruiting part still plays a big role when it comes to making money with IMMA.

To avoid any confusion though, here is a short explanation about how to spot a pyramid scheme:

UPDATE June 2020

Someone has twitted me an interesting letter regarding the International Markets Live LTD which is a predecessor of IM Mastery Academy (basically they both are the same company).
I have also done a bit of research and found out that the FSMA which is Financial Services and Markets Authority has issued a document back in January 2018 regarding the International Markets Live LTD.

Here is the screenshot of the document:


You can check the article at the official FSMA site.

We know by now that The IM Mastery Academy is exactly the same company as International Markets Live LTD, they just changed the name in 2019.
The reason for changing the name is obvious from the information above.

What is the Price to Join?

There are 4 basic Starter Pack IMMA offers.

1) Platinum Starter Pack $225
2) Elite Starter Pack $325
3) High-Frequency Pack for $179.95
4) Digital Currency $179.95

Depending on which pack you choose, you are provided also with a variety of tools.

Here is a short overview of all 4 packs and tools included:



You can also change the pack, or switch from one to another as you wish.

IMMA offers also the so-called Prime Pack. For those who want to save money, it is possible to buy more packs at a time.

  • Elite 3 Month PAck costs $825 (save $50)
  • Elite 6 Month Pack costs $1,600 (save $100)
  • Elite 12 Month Pack costs $3,1250 (save $200)

There is a possibility to partner with IMMA and become an Independent Business Owner (IBO).

When it comes to IBO, I would like to share with you my opinion.

It is always interesting to listen to these people from MLM when they talk about recruiting.
They go like: “as your list grows” or  “as your customer list grows, you have more and more subscribers…”

Let me tell you one thing straight – people you are about to recruit, they just don’t show up.
You have to chase them. You have to find these people and it is not an easy task to talk people into joining such a “business opportunity”.

You can try to sell them the dream – to sugarcoat it a bit, but it is not an honest way. That would be taken advantage of by people. And since IMMA is an MLM you are recommended by your sponsor to recruit your family members and friends.
These people know you, so it should be a better chance to convince them.

I don’t know whether you have some experience with MLM marketing, but most people soon run out of friends and family members.
They just don’t want to be bothered anymore.

Products, That IM Mastery Academy Offer

The packs that we have covered above are also the courses you can sell.

If someone chooses to become an IBO, he or she can purchase the following tools individually as add-ons.

Let’s break down a bit some of the tools that are part of the packs as well:

  • Vibrata – This is a tool that is supposed to help you to find trade ideas, so you don’t have to spend time doing an analysis.
    Cost $9.95
  • Levels – This tool identifies entry points, stops loss.
    Cost $21.95
  • Delorean – An algorithm supposed to find you the best market opportunities, the best different strategies and helps to suits you the best style.
    Cost $21.95
  • Steady – This helps you to look for long-term trading ideas, so you don’t have to keep your eye on them every single day.
    Cost $21.95
  • Goldcup – Combination of different strategies that have a mutual connection with each other, and searching for high probability trade ideas.
    Cost $21.95
  • Bounceback – This tool should help you to identify the best entry point to get into the markets.
    Cost $21.95
  • Pivots  – This algorithm “guesses out of finding market opportunities by identifying key reversal zones on time frames”
    Cost $21.95
  • Liberty – This tool concerns the high pace of trading ideas for binary options.
    Cost $21.95

How Can You Make Money with IM Mastery Academy?

Once you sign up for the IMMA, you become an Independent Business Owner (an IBO). You recruit other people and thus you create your downline.
There are 11 levels you can climb.

To become a Platinum 150 ( which is the lowest rank), you need to have at least 3 subscribers and meet certain retails sales goals. Your subscribers will buy one of the starter packs (either the Elite or Platinum Starter Pack)

Having 3 direct referrals (subscribers) you can earn up to $40 a week (that is about $160 a month or about $2,000 a year)

Now the way it is explained in the IMMA presentation, it seems like it does not require a lot of effort to get to the upper level, which is Platinum 600.

Let me tell you how they explain it:

“…what starts to happen, as your customer base grows, you have more and more subscribers, people start referring this as they’re having success. You (your “team”) grow to 12. It’s 3 customers who can obtain 3 customers so you don’t have to recruit all 12 by yourself. You make $150 a week.”

This is the way they talk:
As your network continues to grow, you make more and more money – residual income.

It looks really easy, right?
But think about that.
What kind of effort you have to make to get these 3 subscribers. And these guys would have to be better good as you are.
Each of them has to find another 3 persons, otherwise, you are not qualified to be a Platinum 600.


To make a full-time income, you would need to be at least the platinum 5000 (see the table below).
Based on the information in the Compensation Plant there are only 179 people who are at the level of Platinum 5000 and/or above.

179 persons out of total IBOs 26,557 is 0.6% = 6 people out of 1,000 making a full-time income.
That is a very low number.

Here is a screenshot of the IMMA Income Disclosure for 2018.

IM Mastery Academy Income Disclosure

It is very difficult to make a decent living as an IBO within the IMMA. Not mentioning that going out and “chasing” people might be exhausted and time-consuming. At the end of the day, you most likely lose money.
Think about the travel cost and the time you wasting while visiting your prospects.

Time is precious and it is always better to spend the time creating something sustainable, therefore my recommendation is to check the article where I describe the difference between MLM and Affiliate Marketing.
To me, affiliate marketing is much more lucrative in the long run.

Regarding the earnings within the IMMA – The IBO has also an opportunity to earn a commission every time a referral buys one of the starter packs.
Your referral buys a Platinum Starter Pack you get a $35 bonus.
In case your referral buys the Elite Starter Pack, you get a $50 bonus.
The bonus system applies to the 2nd and 3rd generations.

Meaning you get a bonus:

  • $12 for every Elite starter pack in your downline – but you must be at least Platinum 600 and above
  • $7 for every Elite starter pack in your downline – you must be Platinum 1000 and above.

Here is a screenshot from the IMMA presentation:


My suggestion for a person who wants to make money by joining the IM Mastery Arcade is to reconsider a different path.

That is affiliate marketing.
You don’t have to chase anybody and you can do that at your own pace.

What do I like About IM Mastery Academy?


  • Courses that can help you to trade on the foreign exchange market (The knowledge is not deep enough though, to apply that and start earning)
  • The compensation plan focused not only on recruiting but mostly on selling the products as a primary source of income (this way it diminishes the pyramid scheme aspect)
  • The company offers a 7-day money-back guarantee.

What I don’t like About IM Mastery Academy?


  • Success is not a common thing within IMMA – see the Income Disclosure (less than 5% make a decent living)
  • Expensive to join
  • Courses – do not give you enough to become a proper trader. It is very difficult to become a successful trader using solely IMMA courses.

Are you Serious about Forex? 

Then I can recommend you a different platform called ForexSignals

This platform offers everything you need to make is a forex trader. 

  • Join daily live Streams to watch and copy the trades
  • Share your ideas and get feedback from professional
  • You get signals from professional mentors. 

You have a 7-day trial to make sure that Forex Signals is for you. 

Do you want to try something else? 

Then keep on reading…

Is There Another Way To Generate the Income?

People have been exchanging currencies since ancient times. Some people helped others to do the exchange for a commission. I am not going to talk about history now.
My point is that it takes much more than just taking all IM Academy courses to become a successful trader with currencies.

Besides, the agenda of IM Academy is not to teach its members to become full-time currency traders but to grow their network marketing.
Not long ago they used to be a pyramid scheme without any product to sell.

To avoid a lawsuit, they have made changes and introduced products as a money-making opportunity for the members. But are these products/courses worth the money?
Do people get valuable information?

The trading business might be too complicated for a newbie. IMMA courses will not make you an expert in foreign exchange trading.

IMMA is presented as a company where one can learn about trading and make money using this knowledge, the truth is that it is just another MLM company.

If you are sick and tired of the MLMs and you still have energy left to learn something new I would recommend you check other paths.

What is much easier to learn is internet marketing. I am not saying that you will learn how to make money online overnight.Is
But currently, people pay a ton of money for and online education  – when it comes to internet marketing. That has been around only a few years, unlike the trade market – that has been here long before the internet.

Due to the internet, you now can let others know about what is your passion and most importantly you can educate/help others as well.
There are plenty of specific niche websites making a 4 or 5 digit in a month.

– f.e. you like taking photos, or fishing. maybe cycling.

Do you know how many people want to be advised by someone who is just a little more experienced? I mean for many users a piece of advice from a regular fella is much more appreciated and has more value than from a professional.

That being said, anyone with a passion or a hobby can become a successful internet marketer. The best way to start is affiliate marketing.

You, providing help on your website, will gain an audience and they would be asking you how to become better and they would like to buy stuff.
Here is when you should give them advice, what to buy and what to avoid.

You include an affiliate link to the product you recommend and when people click on that link they are sent to (for example) Amazon. You will get a commission from every sale this person makes.Is

If you want to find out more about both business models, you can read the article MLM vs. Affiliate marketing where I include the PROs and CONs of both.

In case, you don’t have experience with how to build a website and create content, no worries. I did not have either.
In fact, in the middle of 2018, I had a hard time coming up with content. But it is important to realize that such a blog post is just communication between you and the guy on the other side. (Instead of talking to each other, he consumes your blog posts and he can leave a comment).

As for the “technical” part about how to build up a website, there are many free videos on how to start.

In my case, I needed something more than a free tutorial video on YouTube.
I wanted to have professionals who show me exactly how to do that.

Here is the link to the platform where I have learned about the website and affiliate marketing.

Back to the IM Mastery Academy. 

Is IM Mastery Academy A Scam?

Hopefully, we have covered all the pros and cons of the IM Mastery Academy, I have explained why it is not a good idea to go down that road.

In my opinion, internet marketing has much more potential, and it is a perfect business model for those who want to work from home (and from any place on earth with an internet connection).

Find Out More

It is a matter of time that even the IM Mastery Academy will either be identified as a pyramid scheme or they can make some changes within the company.

People running the IM Master Academy have fixed some major problems but my recommendation is not to join the IM Mastery Academy.
Apparently, they do not offer financial services anymore, but it operates as an educational platform with the MLM aspect.

The MLM (Multi-level-marketing) is based on recruiting and even though, officially you don’t have to be part of the MLM, you will be advised to “share” it with others.

If you have any questions about the IMMA, or the alternative I have mentioned, please use the comment section below.
I will be more than happy to give you feedback – usually within 24 hours.

Thank you for reading,

Interested in Trading?

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It is great for beginners and they also offer a Free 7-Day Trial. 

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